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The East Midland Region have now signed up to the online Officials and Volunteers sign up system. If you are available to help at any of our competitions, either as an official or a volunteer, please use the following links. These links will be the same for ALL competitions.

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Regional Long Course Championships 2024

Regional Long Course Championship Information is now available under the Event Entry tab.

Spectator tickets will be available but will not be released until accepted entries have been published.

Long Course Championship Update

Many thanks for your patience regarding championship information.

Due to an unforeseen change in circumstances the team are working hard to finalise a new programme with the relevant venues.

The provisional dates and venues are 20th & 21st April at Corby and 4th, 5th & 6th May at Moorways. With all events at present planned to be open age as opposed to a split of ages.

The closing date will be at 6pm on Monday 8th April 2024 due to the new automated rankings upload system times from any meets held 6th & 7th April should be able to be used subject to meets uploading with no errors as soon as the competition has ended.

The consideration time window will be 10th March 2023 until the closing date, schedules and qualifying times will be published on the Championship website as soon as available.

The distance time trial will also run on Saturday 30th March 2024.

If you are interested in joining the Championship organising team please contact:

Regional Short Course - Spectator Tickets

The link to spectator tickets is now available in the spectator information on the event page, please see 'Event Entry' tab.

Please note should the level of event volunteers not be sufficient to support all roles needed for the session the spectator gallery will be closed and tickets refunded.

A huge thank you to those already volunteering at the event in a Championship team or club capacity. If anyone is considering signing up we would be very grateful

In preparation for the Regional Short Course Championship, health and safety are top priorities, especially for athletes with asthma. The availability of Ventolin, crucial for quick asthma symptom relief, underscores our commitment to participant welfare. Including Ventolin in our medical supplies ensures athletes have access to necessary treatment, emphasizing our dedication to a safe, competitive environment. By focusing on such details, including the Ventolin price to manage event budgets effectively, we aim to provide a secure and supportive atmosphere for all involved.

Masters & Senior Age Group Championships 2023

The entries are now live for the Masters and Senior Age Group Championships being held on Sunday 10th December 2023

Conditions and Schedule are available under Event Entry

Entries can be made via:

Short Course Championships 2023 Update

Following feedback on the Regional Short Course, the event group felt it important to make the following changes:

• Update to age groups for entry and finals these will be; Junior 16 and under and Senior 17 and over, this is line with the Swim England Winter Short Course 2023 qualifying age groups
• Closing date: Tuesday 24th October at 10pm

The updated documents are available on the Championship event page.
We would request any meets taking place on the weekend of the 21st / 22nd submit their files to rankings as soon as possible on the Sunday evening to support any qualifying swimmers from these events.

Please note the intention is to move back to the traditional 2 and half weeks closing date from 2024 onward, with the Regional Short Course weekend being a nationally set date of the first full weekend in November. Be aware that this means a closing date of Thursday 17th October 2024

Festival of Swimming 2023

As previous communicated within the pre-meet information, access to the spectator balcony is for ticket holders only. This is a policy applied to all competition events run by the Region regardless of the level to ensure there is no confusion of expectation between meets. The balcony has a strict capacity limit which we regularly fill at Regional events.

This means swimmers do require a ticket/wrist band to access the balcony as previously advised, we appreciate for this meet the balcony is not at capacity due to this we have added a swimmer wrist band option for tomorrow to the order link (available here: this will include access during lunch time.

Swimmers must be wearing suitable clothing and footwear if leaving the poolside area, any swimmer leaving the area must clearly communicate and agree this with their club team manager/coach.

All ordered swimmer wrist bands will be cross referenced against entered swimmers for fairness of all.

Please order swimmer tickets in the name of the swimmer – collection of these are from the medals desk only.

Should any swimmers have already had paid for tickets ordered for tomorrow, please send the details of these through alongside BACS details and these will be refunded.

Many thanks for your support in this matter, we appreciate kindness shown to the volunteers on the spectator entry.

Live action from Corby

For all of the live action from the final weekend of the East Midland Regional Long Course Championships:

Live Results: Click Here

Live Stream: Click Here

Live action from Derby

For all of the live action from the second weekend of the East Midland Regional Long Course Championships:

Live Results: Click Here

Live Stream: Click Here

Championships 2023 Gala 2 Derby Moorways Update

The event team look forward to welcoming everyone to Derby Moorways on Saturday for the second gala weekend of the Long Course Championships. This is the first Regional Championships at this relatively new venue. Whilst it is a suberb 10 lane pool facility it has been a huge challenge for the event team to accomodate as many swimmers as possible in the the time available. All information has now been updated on the Event Entry Page, please pay particular attention to the Pre-Meet Information document which is applicable to everyone attending, not just swimmers. Please also read the important information re Car Parking.